Total Financial Solutions has created a unique Community

The Community is supported by the principle of collaboration.

The TFS Community

Hex Double All Colours4Our Advisers recognise that success in their own businesses is more likely to be obtained through the sharing of ideas, new business practices and client solutions with their fellow Advisers and with our network of professional partners.

TFS provides the forum for our Advisers and professional partners to meet, to communicate and to share ideas. Our annual conference, our professional development days and the establishment of our specific adviser segments represent opportunities for our advisers and professional partners to collaborate.

During 2018, TFS established the ‘Next Gen’ group which is made up of our young Advisers who are getting started in the industry. This group meets regularly and represents the future of the TFS network.

TFS hosts regular workshops for business principals which are focused on key business issues including strategy, business growth, customer retention, business process optimisation and people.

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference” – Kathy Calvin, CEO & President of the United Nations Foundation

TFS in the Community

Not only does TFS continue to grow and enhance its network of Advisers, we recognise the importance of giving back. Hex Red Blue4

TFS Fiji Conference (May 2017)

During the TFS Conference in May 2017, TFS Advisers and staff were involved in the building and maintenance of a special needs school in Fiji and raised over $50,000 for the local Fijian community. 

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TFS Adelaide Conference (May 2018)

Hex Blue Red4During our 2018 conference, TFS Advisers and staff were involved in an ‘Amazing Race’ through the streets of Adelaide. Over $36,000 was raised by the TFS community which was donated to CanTeen; the funds were used to help young people cope with cancer in their families.


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