Our Practice Development team aims to partner with each of our Firms

With more consistent, measurable and effective contact throughout the year.

The TFS Practice Development (PD) team Hex Blue Redhas the primary responsibility for the adviser relationships and project manages deliverables across our Firms. We are focused on providing a tailored approach to each of our firms and delivering targeted solutions. Our expert team will go the extra mile and ensure you feel well supported by offering:

  • Business planning support;
  • Marketing development and assistance; and
  • Acting as the conduit between your firm, TFS and all external providers.

Our intention is to partner with high quality advice businesses who have a vision and desire for growth and success. We understand success lies in delivering on business expectations, being more responsive to business challenges and providing clear lines of communication to key stakeholders. We will assist you in redefining your business plan for success at the start of each year.

Having a plan in place will ensure that all business decisions are focussed on achieving specific business objectives.

The PD team provides an intimate service and keeps in regular contact, focusing on dual accountability to ensure that its Firms are tracking towards their goals. TFS PD is also responsible for the Professional Development Training program for the year and regularly consults with its advisers on the types of sessions they would like included in the training days.Hex Orange Blue2

Technology Solutions

Planner Portal

The development of this all-encompassing platform came about to address a significant gap in the tools that were available in relation to assisting in the growth of our Firms. The portal was built after extensive research and discussions with the TFS Advisory Committee and is utilised in conjunction with the strong face-to-face support the TFS PD Team provides. Some key functions:

  • Marketing: “Business-badged animation” videos, targeted emails and modern call-to-action brochures are all readily available for every TFS Firm.
  • Referrals: Provides a map view, highlighting whichever type of professional you wish to target and turn into the next potential referral partner.
  • Training & Education / Business Solutions: Have built this with single sign-on potential to allow for easy access to education, professional associations and all the relevant professional partners training portals.
  • Social & Peer-to-Peer: Leveraging online social platforms such as ‘Slack’, TFS Firms will be more connected than ever before. Ability to establish peer groups and instant mobile communication through a phone App.

Business Dashboard

The Business Dashboard has been created by TFS to provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of your business at any time, on any device. The idea behind each business dashboard is to provide a concise, but accurate view of the revenue information you need "at-a-glance" to drive your business forward.

  • Revenue: Analyse revenue streams by Type and Product Provider over specific periods.
  • Investment: Breakdown of FUM across Fund Managers, breakdown of Inflows less outflows/market movement – Net-flows.
  • Insurance: Total In-force Premiums, breakdown of In-force by Product Provider, Lapse rates, etc.
  • Trends: Track business trends relating to Revenue, Total FUM, Total In-force and Other Professional fees. This provides Firms with the tools to make better strategic decisions.Hex Triple3