We work closely with firms to achieve the highest Quality Assurance

Our team of Compliance experts work closely with our Firms to ensure the training and support is understood and advice is executed at the highest possible standard.

Hex Orange Blue Large4The quality of the compliance support that TFS Advisers have access to at any point in time is second to none. Having clearly defined standards, an up-to-date compliance manual and regular compliance training ensures that the TFS network is well-supported every step of the way.

We ensure that the highest quality advice is being delivered to your clients through:

  • A comprehensive suite of Business Standards to provide clear guidance around compliance requirements
  • A compliance hotline, providing proactive guidance and support before the provision of the advice
  • A comprehensive compliance induction program
  • A minimum of one desktop compliance audit per annum
  • A supportive advice pre-vet program for Adviser induction and specialist advice areas