TFS Sydney Professional Development Day

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Wed, Nov. 14, 2018

We have a diverse range of topics at our upcoming TFS Professional Development Days including our Investment Framework Relaunch and an introduction to Lonsec, their rating methodology and how this impacts the TFS Approved Products List.  There is a focus on Insurance  including a session examining the behavioural bias and motivations of Millennial clients and a workshop delving into the ‘must know’ technical aspects of Business Insurance advice partnered with the practical considerations required to convert that knowledge into new business. 

In the move towards professionalism, the world of financial advice is undergoing considerable change and Bryan Ashenden is back to provide us with an update on what has been presented to us, to date. Our final session explores how well-known businesses remove friction from the customer experience and techniques and practices to implement into your business to identify and eliminate where customer friction exists in areas of the advice process.

Please contact the TFS Practice Development Team for more information.

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